The recommended travel destination in Japan is Okinawa.

The recommended travel destination in Japan is Okinawa. Okinawa is Japan, but the sea is beautiful no matter what. Also I can eat what I eat only in Okinawa, so I think I can have a very valuable experience. Since Okinawa has a Churaumi Aquarium, I think that it can be enjoyed with families with children. When I go to Okinawa it is kind of like I came to a country in a tropical country. I think playing in the ocean and having the barbecue in the evening is the best. Also, because the sea is very beautiful, there are oops when diving is okay. If you mingle in the ocean, you should be impressed by the mysterious ocean. Why do not you go to Okinawa's beautiful paradise? Also, I would like to eat absolutely when I go to Okinawa is Go or Champlle. At the supermarket, you see it occasionally, but the authentic goya has a different bitterness. To survive the hot weather of Okinawa, the power of goya is very useful. There are lots of cheap Okinawa tours for the current time so please do go. You can travel with ETC as well. However, Okinawa is a place where I can feel the impression beyond that, so once I go, I think I will want to go again.

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